Anxiety Support: Anxiety vs. Fear

Anxiety Support Group: Anxiety vs. Fear Twist Card

The creation of “twist cards” illustrating the differences between anxiety and fear helped us integrate the lesson

The anxiety support group is heading into its third week. During this past week’s group, we discussed the differences between anxiety and fear. Anxiety is future oriented (relating to things that could possibly happen in the future), requires lots of thinking, and can last indefinitely. Fear, however, is present moment oriented, doesn’t require much thought, and lasts for short duration. Both these emotions are important and normal parts of the human experience. They motivate us to take action and help keep us safe and out of harm’s way. Anxiety helps us take steps to plan for our futures. Fear heightens our senses so we can be more aware of our surroundings, and helps us fight or run away when we perceive danger. Fear helps us take quick action.

How has your anxiety served you in the past? How has it protected you?

How has it held you back?

When anxiety or fear occur when there is no risk of harm, or when they occur too frequently, too intensely, or for too long of a duration, it can interfere with our lives. The struggle to avoid or suppress our anxiety also contributes to our distress. If we can learn to view anxiety as a normal human experience, it can evolve from a life-restricting problem into a tool for growth.

I am excited to continue facilitating these groups to offer the tools to support you in accomplishing this goal.  If you are interested in joining us, visit for details.