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The author, Tanner Christensen, wrote that creativity is a cup of jellybeans. He explained that if a clear cup were full of jellybeans, you would only be able to see the colors around the perimeter. The jellybeans in the center are hidden from view.

Every day new thoughts and ideas fill our brains, in the form of our senses reacting to our experiences. To be creative is to ask what color of “jelly beans” have been tucked away in the center of our minds.

Back in front of our imaginary cup, you have to shake it up in order to move all the beans around and see what’s inside. The brain, too, needs to be mentally shaken in order to uncover what’s hidden away inside.

It’s through uncovering those hidden ideas, by shaking our thoughts, that new insights become available to us.

The insights that come to us as we are being creative are the keys to our personal growth. The attitudes you bring to art-making are the same attitudes you apply in your life. Creativity is the process that shakes the cup, allowing a new perspective to our problems.

Art is one of many paths to wellness, and developing a creative outlet can help you discover and express you authentic self, manage difficult emotions, de-stress, and heal old traumas.

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