Happy Creative Arts Therapies Week!

March 12-18 is National Creative Arts Therapies Week–a week to celebrate and learn more about art, dance, music, drama, and poetry therapies.

 In honor of this event, I’m sharing 7 interesting facts about art therapy.

 Art Therapy Fun Fact #1

Art Therapy Fun Fact #2

Art Therapy is appropriate for all ages! At Mountain Creative Arts Counseling, I work with adolescents, adults, and seniors individually and in groups.

 Art Therapy Fun Fact #3

I keep a wide variety of paints, pastels, drawing materials, various types and sizes of blank paper and canvas, clays, collage and scrapbook papers, wire, magazines, boxes, and more on hand for your use.

 Art Therapy Fun Fact #4

 My studio art training included classes in oil painting, printmaking, graphic design, book-making and book arts, interior design, basic drawing, figure drawing, 3D design, and pottery. I choose to further my knowledge by continuing to take art classes​ and workshops, and experimenting in my home studio on a regular basis.

 Art Therapy Fun Fact #5

In my workshops and groups, I often include music, writing, poetry, and a few very basic yoga techniques specifically for self-regulation and grounding purposes.

 Art Therapy Fun Fact #6

Free association is one of my favorite techniques for helping clients process their artwork. Sometimes, I combine this with writing for an even deeper experience.

 Art Therapy Fun Fact #7

I have coloring books available in my office, and I occasionally use one at home, but there’s nothing like creating art from your own imagination. Also, neither is a substitute for therapy, which happens within a relationship.

To learn more about Art Therapy, visit the following resources.

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Kara Ashley-Gilmore is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, Art Therapist, and mixed-media artist at Mountain Creative Arts Counseling. She provides counseling to adolescents and adults who feel crushed by the weight of their anxieties, and want to live more present lives. She often incorporates the creative process into therapy sessions with clients, helping them access their creativity, and use it for their own growth and healing.

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    Delightful, Kara!
    I enjoy the way you’ve put this together – so accessible, appealing and apt.

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