Self-Care: When did it Become Okay to Neglect You?

We take care of the ones we love. Hendersonville Art Therapist, Kara Ashley-Gilmore, asks you to choose between Self-Care and Neglect.


Close you eyes.

Imagine the face of someone who you love with all of your heart.

Like, really love.

Someone you think the world of.


If you imagined a child, and that child was sick, would you take her to the doctor?

Would you offer her fruits and vegetables and healthy food to eat?

Would you limit her exposure to violence on TV?

Would you encourage her to play outside, in the fresh air?

Would you make sure she went to bed in time to get a full 7-8 hours of sleep each night?


If you imagined your best friend or relative…

Would you support him unconditionally?

Would you forgive his mistakes?

Would you speak to him with kindness when he was feeling down?


Now, imagine if that person you really loved was YOU.

What would you offer yourself?

Today, you have a choice:

Self-Care or Neglect

When did it become okay to neglect you?