Should and Must: Week 1

“If you Want to Know Must, Get to Know Should”

The Creative’s Book Club provides a safe, supportive environment for people who want to dig deeper than reading alone will allow. This Winter, we’re reading Elle Luna’s “The Crossroads of Should and Must.” I LOVE this book. It’s an easy read and full of insightful stories, illustrations, and quotes. The book club meets Wednesdays at 10:30, until 2/4/16.


We had a great first meeting of the Creatives Book Club this week. We explored the difference between Should and Must, and learned a bit about the origin of should: parents, partners, friends, advertising, etc…

The quote in the picture really stood out. How can we escape from prison if we don’t even know that we are in prison?

What is your prison? A relationship? Your current job? The city you live in?

What are your “Shoulds”? Where did they come from? And do you want to keep holding on to them?

Up next week: “The Path to Must is a Path we Create”