Should and Must: Week 3

“How Long Will You Wait to Honor Who You Are?”

Start Where You Are

The Creative’s Book Club provides a safe, supportive environment for people who want to dig deeper than reading alone will allow. This Winter, we’re reading Elle Luna’s “The Crossroads of Should and Must.” I LOVE this book. It’s an easy read and full of insightful stories, illustrations, and quotes. The book club meets Wednesdays at 10:30, until 2/4/16.

Let’s get practical.

During today’s group, we discussed the four biggest barriers to following our Must:

  1. Money
  2. Time
  3. Space
  4. Vulnerability

We explored each in-depth, and zeroed in on our core values regarding each. We then developed a plan for tackling the one that was our biggest challenge. We brainstormed ways to develop a dedicated space for our Musts and wrote out rebuttals to our biggest fears.

Ultimately, we find the time, money, and space for the things that matter the most to us.

Now, we take action.

Next Week: “The Return”; because Must does not live in a bubble.