Wellness Wednesday: Breathe

 Wellness Wednesday: Small Ways to Incorporate Self-Care into our Days


A lot of times when I’m feeling stressed out or anxious,  I notice that I have been either holding my breath or taking really shallow breaths. Did the lack of oxygen cause my anxiety,  or did my anxiety lead to a change in the way I was breathing?  Most likely it’s a cycle.


I’m learning that there’s always time to stop and take a deep breath….the kind of breath that lifts my diaphragm and pushes my belly out, and then I slowly release it. The results are almost instant. It may not change the thing that was stressing me out in the first place,  but it changes my perception of how stressful that thing really is,  my level of anxiety in that moment,  and my sense of my ability to handle it.  I try to go for three to five Deep Breaths several times throughout the work day.


Here’s a video that I’ve been using to help me develop a more effective deep breathing ritual.  There are dozens more available online for all ages and levels of ability.

Happy breathing!