Wellness Wednesday: Gratitude Lists

Wellness Wednesdays: Small ways to incorporate self care into your days

Gratitude Lists

After listening to Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability”, I realized the importance of incorporating a practice of gratitude into my life.  Brown wrote that having an “attitude of gratitude” isn’t enough. Gratitude is more than just a thought or a feeling.  It is a consistent practice of recognizing moments, people, and things that you are thankful for. Without the practice or ritual,  it is all too easy to forget or dismiss these moments, people and things when things get tough.


At the beginning of the year, I started recording my moments, people, and things onto a post-it note every day. I kept the post-it note next to my work area, or in my purse, and as things happened throughout the day,  I took a few seconds to jot it down.  Some days my post-it was full.  Other days, my post-it only had one or two written lines.  But, I was actively recording and documenting and expressing to the universe that I recognized that moment, person, or thing and appreciated it.  My gratitude practice has since then evolved into a bound, pocket-sized journal that I take almost everywhere I go. It’s important that my list is portable, and it’s fun to reflect back on the previous weeks and months.

How else can we incorporate a gratitude practice into our days?

TLDR: One way to develop a practice of expressing gratitude is to write your gratitude list on a post-it, index card, napkin, journal,  etc.  ….If you want to.

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