Wellness Wednesday: Trust Your Own Pace

Trust Your Own Pace


A common theme over the past few weeks, both within my clients’ lives and in my life, is allowing ourselves to trust that we are moving at the speed that’s best for our own well-being. I have found that when we start to make self-care and emotional and spiritual growth a priority, the hustle and bustle of our usual pace falls away. We transform our impossible-to-complete to-do-lists into manageable action items that we can actually complete within a reasonable time-frame. Yet, it feels odd to live at a slower pace than usual, at a slower pace than those around us. However, I believe that if we are able to sit with that discomfort, we will be better able to manage our anxieties and cope with the demands and responsibilities of our lives.

“To be like Turtle is to be not only better paced for longevity, but well-protected for the challenges sure to come.” -Pixie Lighthorse

Every morning, I declare to myself that, “there’s not enough time” is not valid today. There is time for self-care. There is time to partake in the things that bring me joy and peace, the things that feed my soul. I want to remember that there is plenty of time for everything, and everything happens in its own time. I need to remember to “trust the pace by which I move;” to be more like Turtle.

I created this art journal spread to help me remember. I find that when I make art and write about a goal, it becomes ingrained in my psyche, and I’m more likely to follow through with it. Here’s a short time-lapse video of the process. To see the beginnings of this art journal spread, click here.

 This post was inspired by the art of Mandy Steward. You can follow her here and here.