Wellness Wednesday: Vision Boards

How I Use My Vision Board

Vision Board.jpeg

About six years ago, soon after the birth of my child, I found myself sort of drifting along, without a sense of direction about what I wanted to come after this huge life transition. I saw myself at the edge of a ravine. I knew I could make it to the other side when the time was right; I just had no clue what I even hoped would be there waiting for me. All I knew for sure, was that in that moment, I was dissatisfied and ready for change, but I did not know what exactly that would look like.

Around this time, I had the opportunity to convert a spare bedroom into a studio space. There was a blank wall that was visible as soon as I entered the room. I knew I wanted to create something that could inspire me and evolve as I evolved.blank_vision_board.jpg

I was inspired by the “walls of crazy” in many conspiracy/action films. (You know, the ones where there’s a slightly obsessed character who has a wall of their basement covered with newspaper articles, maps, and photographs, with red string connecting related images?)


A mini vision board on my vision board


I can do hard things. And so can you

I started with a large piece of brown craft paper. I painted it white and nailed it to the wall. I glued down quotes, poems, paragraphs from some of my favorite books, and images that represented the emotions I wanted to feel in my life. Then I covered everything with color and texture by adding paint and layers of colored tissue papers. Once everything was dry, I crossed wire across the front to allow space to hang images and phrases that I collected from magazines.

The items on the board change over time, and I add to it constantly. I created a section for aspirations related to improving my overall well-being, a section for my career, and a section for home and family. I like the use of wire because as these dreams and desires are manifested, I can remove them and add something new.

vision_board_mountain_creative_arts_counseling.jpegThe power of my vision board is that I see it every. single. day. I read the little post-its, and look at the pictures. It reminds me of who I want to be, how I want to feel, and what I hope to accomplish. Every. Day. As a result, these things are in the background of my thoughts throughout each day, and they influence my actions and the content of my goals.

I encourage you to try it. All you need is paper, tape or glue, and a few magazines. Choose images without judgement. Whatever speaks to you is what you need. The rest is up to you.

For those that would like a little more guidance, I’ll be hosting a Vision Board workshop this Saturday, from 11 to 4. Visit my workshop page for more information.