Wellness Wednesday: Write Yourself a Letter

Wellness Wednesday: Small ways to incorporate self-care into your days

Write Yourself a Letter

I had several ideas and drafts for today’s post, but none of them felt quite right. It’s been a full week, and a strange day.  I’ve been struggling with anxiety and doubt as I’ve faced some major life decisions.  Fear of regret and making the right choice, and wondering whether things will be okay have plagued me for months and it all kind of came to a head today. I made The Decision and felt an immediate sense of relief, but also stomach-knotting FEAR. I kept asking people, “It’s going to be okay, right?”  And they reassured me that, yes, it’s going to be okay. But as much as the support from my friends and family means, that level of encouragement, that unwavering belief in myself, needs to come from me.

I wrote a letter to myself.  A “To 2015 Kara/From 2016 Kara” letter to myself. 2016 had a lot to say about her life, but mostly, she let me know that yes, things are okay and I can stop worrying.

I don’t know the science behind why this was helpful. Honestly, I don’t really care. It helped. Maybe it could help you. So, that’s my self-care tip for the week.